22 Jun 2006

ode to maichooo

uncle chips
uncle chips
barray walay?
chotay walay?
baray walay!
uncle chips

zaza at 8:57 pm

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18 Jun 2006


tonsils and wisdom teef at the same time
LAAARRRD! have mercy!

zaza at 4:10 pm

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15 Jun 2006

zaza is growing up
or is she?
*spaz attack*
waaaaaa! [LOL]

zaza at 12:58 pm

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11 Jun 2006

i can tell youre lying
coz when youre replying
stutter stutter stutter stutter...

zaza at 1:38 pm

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9 Jun 2006

im seeing life from a different perspective
am i finally mutating?
im loving my teaching placement -
but leaving in 2 weeks -
dammit, theres so much to blog about that i cant be bothered typing :)

zaza at 6:28 pm

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3 Jun 2006

how on the Earth's face can people like you when your mad, like, 100% mad?

zaza at 3:34 pm

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1 Jun 2006

life's so wierd..
yet fun.

zaza at 10:17 pm

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i swear

zaza at 8:20 pm

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