29 Oct 2005


3 filet-o-fish burgers from McDonalds and 1 large fries
i think im going to explode...
goodbye world

zaza at 4:40 pm

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27 Oct 2005

Allah Hu Akbar

Read some comments on a Muslim convert. ‘dumbass is a trader!! Once a U.S Citizen, now a slave to Islam. Probably a suicide bomber!’ How distressing. What IS the world coming to? One of my aims is that I want to talk to a Muslim convert inshallah soon.and ask questions as to why did they change, what made them embrace Islam. Anyway, here is what I came out with…

There is no Devil as such;
We are our own Satan,
Have we not a mind,
To chose right from wrong,
Or is that just too much?
Many wrongs have been established
There is too much right to embrace
We are all in the dark
And we fool ourselves, stumble with grace?
The simplest of all answers is
‘So what, everyone does it’
For us all to embrace goodness
This simplicity must be crushed
And who knows if there’s a tomorrow?
To laugh a laugh, share a sorrow
Soon, that friend that you so trust
Will no longer be here.

zaza at 4:31 pm

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ever eaten three 100g choc bars in one go? yesterday, i did. call me a blob but i got a really bad sugar crave. so i ate like a pig and im damn proud of myself.
[ i guess no-one gives 2 shits about Prince Charles so il just talk to myself. zainab, wasnt it just great shaking his beefy hand - i know, youre so lucky you were in the front row. well, not that there were many people there in the first place. and all those gr8 pictures you got. just hope they come out clear. hey, face it, youre a sucker for famous people. ok so you are, but shhh! dont tell anyone, else they wil mock you because they have nothing better to dooooo! bleeerrrrghh! what a shame, what damned mortals ]
thanks ushi for introducing me to Sami Yusaf- his songs are just so moving, peaceful, calming, addictive... and they give me goosebumps...try getting your hands on some of his work if you can. Sheer excellence, i tell you! http://samiyusuf.com/home/index.htm

zaza at 12:59 pm

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25 Oct 2005

George W Kutta and his loyal pet Tony Bastarda

i dont see what they want. invading the poor countries to find weapons of mass distruction? bloody hell! and i used to think i was stupid. someone needs to bomb them both, rip their skin to shreds, pull out their teeth with plyers. ive been thinking though, that life is a hobby. everyone is just LIVING, killing time. waiting for death and the Hereafter. if someone is a doctor then that is his hobby and his way of passing time. if one is a teacher or anything, then that is just a way to pass time again. what awaits for us all at the end is death - hence we all are equal in a sense coz we have to go through this one standard procedure in life. its oh so wierd. am i making sense at all?

yesterday everyone had a really rough night for everyone but dad, who is really enjoying his Umrah trip: aisha called from University and said she couldnt sleep till really late. taha screamed the house down from 1am till 3am - because his excema was irritating him. he was crying and no amount of DUA's was comforting him enough. hence ahmed woke up because of that and so did i. but when i got up, i couldnt open my eyes. over night i got an eye infection! theres stuff coming out of them and theyre swollen. now i am going to the Doctor to see what has gone wrong. consequently, i missed a day of University...life is great heh. [nOt!]

update: turns out, it was an allergic reaction! to cucumbers!! yesterday night, i cut up pieces of cucumber to put on my eyes...thats when it all began. i shall never be doing that again...a lesson learnt is never forgotten!

zaza at 10:03 am

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21 Oct 2005

Random thoughts from the top of the top of my head...

· I want to do random things, just out of the blue. I want to paint the sky a sickly shade of green.
· I want to be controversial. I want to rebel for nothing.
· I don’t want to plan for the future, anything is possible. Life is likely to change.
· I want to stuff myself with burgers till my stomach explodes.
· I don’t need commitment through legal marriage or illegal affairs. Guys are crap heads anyways.
· I want to be casually dressed and deep in conversation with someone who I haven’t met in a long, long time.
· I want to stare at my soul through my eyes.
· I want people to tell me that my eczema eaten sweetness is the cutest thing they have ever seen in their lives so far.
· I want to help the poor, feed the needy and educate as many people as I can, without having a proper qualification under my belt.
· Without saying anything, I want people to read my mind.
· I want to annoy people to the limit, and then apologize by saying sorry and I want them to forgive me with an open heart.
· I want to remember random things, and cry about them till I have salt on my cheeks.
· I want to do lots of things, appropriate, inappropriate. Good, bad. But I just can’t be bothered typing them all up.

zaza at 8:47 pm

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20 Oct 2005

royalty, heh!

im trying to stay as calm as i can while writing this. only i cant help getting all jumpy.
well Prince Charles is coming to the crummy town that we live in!!!
next thursday....!! (ww.ww..w..w....o..wooooooooooooooooooooo!! im so excited, im stammering haha)
and im going with my cousin to take a looooooooook at the piece of royalty!
though his head looks like a trophy, but who cares.
gonna take a camera and take LOTS of pics. might shake my hand if im close.
Prince William might be lurking around if im lucky, which i know i wont be. ahaah.
OMG i have to go now. think of what to wear!! ahaha!
but its next thursday, dont think i can wait that long...ah the pain! the pain!

zaza at 10:55 am

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18 Oct 2005

Hickohhhreey Dikohreeey Dauck -

Hickohhhreey Dikohreeey Dauck,
2 mice ran up a clock,
The clock struck one,
the other one ran away!

NB: no rude comments please.

zaza at 6:45 pm

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15 Oct 2005

Money thru dear mummy!

Shocked and surprised, unable to believe that YES, mummies DO rock & roll!
Today my mummy dear produced 3 cheques - one each - for me, sister and brother.
not £20 or £40- but a whopper £500!!
Said she had been saving 50p every week, for 15 years!!
we just sat there, gobsmacked and stunned.
im rich...life is gooooood.
[ yaaaay! ]

zaza at 7:52 pm

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14 Oct 2005

Pledging my soul...

Im reading a book called 'In Beautiful Disguises' by Rajeev Balasubramanyam - it was recommended by www.niqabified.blogspot.com and I must say, it's a great book so please please do read it if you can get your hands on it!! Found this bit very interesting.

In exile from the warmth of your arms
And the milk of your teeth
And the breath of your secret whispers in my ears
Shall I not stride back to you with haste
Rout all my enemies and bind the wicked husbandmen
Shall I not kneel to kiss the grains of your sand
to rise naked before you – a bowl of incense?
And the smoke of my nakedness shall be
An offering to you
Pledging my soul.

From pledging my soul by Dambuzo Marachera.

zaza at 7:24 pm

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12 Oct 2005

Meri Motullus...kindof!

I wont go around 'ode-ing'' to people. There are so many of you who I love but you all know who you are like on the top of the top of my list is definately ASH, NIQABI, MD, my brother who I fight with like mad [lol] etc... But I think many people dont kindof realise HOW important they are to me. This is an ode to one of my other cousin, www.motullus.blogspot.com, who is a gem of a person.

In life, many people will use you for what you are. Many will silently abuse you for what you are. Many will leave you weeping in that long, dark tunnel where nothing in the world kindof makes sense. Many will point fingers at you and laugh when you are in distress. This cousin of mine has kindof been there for me, every step of the way. Just a person who I kindof grab and pour everything out to her and expect her to find a solution for me. If she doesnt then I kindof refuse to talk to her for a few days, then I kindof come back down to my senses and everything is kindof OK. I kindof love being your cousin. And I kindof hope that nothing ever comes between us. Ameen x 1000

zaza at 1:45 pm

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9 Oct 2005


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. I didn’t even realise how serious the equake in Asia was until yesterday. Especially in the month of RAMADAN. It is said that an earthquake in Ramadan is azab e kabira (the biggest azab). Everyone please say two nafal of astaghfar and pray for all muslims "astaghfirullaha rabbi min kulli zambin wa atoobu alaiah". [ I’m copy pasting some of the facts here from motullus.blogspot.com. The world is going down. ] All that disaster in a matter of seconds. Villages wiped out completely. People dying, being crushed like ants. I sometimes feel like I’m not even worthy of taking Allah’s name. I can’t help going into modes of daze, where I think about what we are all doing. It feels like a dream, untrue..but it is plain reality. There is no ‘sakoon’ (peace) in people’s lives, everyone is striving to be something and once they get to where they want to be, they start looking around for other things to strive for? I don’t even know if I’m making sense. We are too caught up in our lives, wrapped up in the girlfriend boyfriend culture, attending meetings, preparing for exams, going places…but what for?? All we can do is pray for lives lost, and people effected by this tragedy. Undoubtedly, ALLAH is the AL-MIGHTY, MOST MERCIFUL.

zaza at 8:52 pm

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8 Oct 2005

Sick Poodle...

All I asked was for a hug
Instead you gave me the virus bug
And the sewage system in my nose
Day and night, the moron grows
I’m so unwell, my temperature is high
Can do nothing, but in bed just lie
Hot drinks being served by mummy dear
“Drink this, and your throat will be clear”
I puke out everything I devour
I’m feeling sicker by the hour
Blacking out, I’m feeling feeble and weak
I open my mouth but just can’t speak
Oh dear Allah please make me well
Before my lymph nodes start to swelly
Go away Mr. Flu, leave me alone. Please.
And take away with you this germy disease

p.s. Consequently, I was in bed all day but later heard about the quakes in Pakistan. Hope all is well with you and your families and relatives. Mine are well, ALHAMDOLILLAH.

zaza at 5:36 pm

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6 Oct 2005

Ok so don’t ask me who is who but they are all my cousins; some I love, some I hate but who cares?
Let me just point out that the ugliest one is me. [lol]
I was going through that ‘ugly’ stage that we all go
through. You know how it is. I sometimes think I’m still
going through it.
Bring on the whinges cousin loagoo – Zainab yay kia

zaza at 8:18 pm

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4 Oct 2005

Kureeyan LahoraDeeyaan...

In high school, this one mortal girl was obsessed with the fact that I was from Lahore. Every time she saw me, she used to ask:
'Are you from Lahore?'
'Yes,' I remember replying, ever so politely.
And the dumbo used to start singing Ibrar-Ul-Haq’s song:

“Oh aajj mela vaikhun aaeyan kureeyan Lahooora deeyaan."

It’s stupid I know but yesterday I was laughing at it. Haw haw haw.

zaza at 11:43 am

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2 Oct 2005

Mubaarikaaan :)

Ok so Ramazaan is drawing near. Everyone ready for starvation and stinky breaths?! Ha-ha! A VERY HAPPY RAMAZAAN TO Y’ALL in advance, just in case I don’t make it to my blog on time ha-ha! Love y'all, but some more than others. No offence. Ha-ha!

zaza at 8:49 pm

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