27 Oct 2008

I sit, slightly lean forward, and wrap my arms around my head. I cry as if someone close to me has forever gone to bed. I shed unlimited tears as I carefully try to ignore my fears. And no one comes. So I stand, wipe my nose on my clothes, laugh, pretend that everything is grand. And the whole world then begins to run after me, you see.

zaza at 12:22 am

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7 Oct 2008

Another. And Another.

Another thoughtless fight,
Another lonesome night,
Another jumbled thought,
Penned down carefully,
On a sheet of winter white,
Another heart, broken,
Another string of words,
In my throat, unspoken,
Another barren flowerpot,
Another scar, a love token,
Another unheard scream,
Another forsaken dream,
Another act of kindness,
Sooner than later forgot,
Another disguised blessing,
And careful undressing,
Pressing against my soul,
Making me complete,
Making me whole,
Another sky of life,
Coloured in a subtle shade of blue,
Have I found another love?
Have I found another you?

zaza at 12:14 pm

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3 Oct 2008

im going to shut this place down in about a week.
so any comments will be appriciated.
im going to save the template
incase i ever want to blog again.
but this is it. its over!
its been good.
take care.

zaza at 10:33 am

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