19 Nov 2010

your time to shine.

i fought, i swore, you died and then i cried and wished i valued you more instead of just walking out the door when you needed me most as you hopped from door to door and travelled from coast to coast.

there is something within me that has broken beyond repair and pain stares at me, totally aware that i can never have you and you are not there. sometimes the pain dulls down but sometimes it comes back with a vengence, teaching me a thing or two about putting myself in other peoples shoe.

sometimes i bleed and try not to pay heed to the stone that makes me stumble and fall to the floor as i crumble.

there are some things in this world that are beyond our reach and they teach us a few things and highlight the pain that this world is bound to bring.

i dont blog now but i am glad i have not shut this place down because i guess its something i can turn to when the going gets tough.


zaza at 10:49 pm

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