20 Mar 2008

the deeper the pain, the stronger the love.

zaza at 5:15 pm

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18 Mar 2008

and if this aint love
then i dont know what love is.

zaza at 6:45 pm

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15 Mar 2008

my next post will be from Pakistan.
if i die along the way, i love yall and please make me a facebook group.

signing off.

zaza at 5:41 pm

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9 Mar 2008

last night, while i was sleeping, my phone started ringing. so i got up and frantically started looking around for it. i messed up the whole bed, tossing the bed covers here and there. after a bit, i just sat and tried thinking as to where it could be. i turned around and it was right there next to the pillow. and i smilied and thought 'wow. that could apply to life. because sometimes, the 'right person' is right there in front of us yet we insist on spending our whole life searching for them.'

zaza at 9:47 am

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5 Mar 2008

'i called because i need to feel you on the line' - John Mayer

zaza at 7:36 pm

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3 Mar 2008

im sad. youre sad too. i know you havent told me but i know you are. dont ask how, but i just know.

zaza at 9:52 pm

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2 Mar 2008

zaza at 2:24 pm

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1 Mar 2008

that afifi assignment is almost done. its worth 50% i hope i get a good mark.
being in love sucks when you cant pursue it. its horrible and it hurts.
its like being dragged by the hair across a bed of thorns. shukriya bauhat bauhat.
i still love you and in my head, we are still together.
nothing has changed. you arent a world away. you are mine, and i am yours.
and it hurts and upsets me but things are better.

i am fine and God is great.

zaza at 8:04 pm

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