22 Jan 2007

happy bday, me

wonder what this year has got instore
*scratches head*

zaza at 11:57 pm

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20 Jan 2007

if you are reading this, PLEASE listen to BEDSHAPED by KEANE. its bloody brilliant.

zaza at 2:29 pm

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18 Jan 2007

love will young, how can i not

going to watch THE VORTEX next week with a friend. hope i get to take a pic with will young. eeeeeeeeeee!!

zaza at 7:57 pm

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16 Jan 2007

thankU ALLAH

- for giving me so many clothes and shoes and materialistic stuff

- for letting me share my deepest secrets with you

- for letting life run through me each day

- for everything and anything

- thankyou so much


zaza at 9:53 pm

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13 Jan 2007

why him? why her?
why not me? why not us?

zaza at 6:18 pm

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10 Jan 2007

moulding yourself
like this
then like that
then like that.

zaza at 10:33 pm

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5 Jan 2007

The dressing table mirror,
Plates, cups, saucers,
Your beloved mobile
My glass eye, your sunglasses
My camera, your framed photo
My Phillips shaver, your toothbrush
Your window, my door handle
Your nails, my teeth
The television or
The vase with the glass rose
Your laptop, my precious CD’s
Our dog’s back bone,

Darling, sweet darling,
Of all the things you could break,
Why did you break my heart?

Zainab Bhatti

zaza at 8:51 pm

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4 Jan 2007

where theres a will theres a way.
what if theres a way but no will?

if at first you dont succeed, try try again.
if you try try and dont succeed, must you give up?

zaza at 2:17 pm

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3 Jan 2007

آپ کو عید الاضحٰی اور نیا سال مبارک ہو

zaza at 12:55 pm

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its a hard knock life for us
its a hard knock life for us
insteada treated we get tricked
insteada kisses we get kicked
its a hard knock life.

zaza at 12:21 am

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1 Jan 2007

what to do when happiness seems to frown at you? when you know what youre talking about but you really dont have a clue? when youre firmly standing on the ground yet youre flying all over the place? when youre standing still and the world seems to revolve at its own pace? when youre at the top but really youre sunk really deep? when youre awake and youre listening to the rain outside and are trying to sleep? when everything is peaceful yet theres so much drama? when you dont have faith in anything but you believe in karma? when you think theres no one in the world you can talk to, but one? when you think youve completed it and everything suddenly becomes undone?

zaza at 4:10 pm

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