25 Jul 2011

soul in my learning curve.

i am a dreamer. i see things you dont. i can see beneath the obvious; far and beyond. but not to infinity. i will leave that for Buzz Lightyear. i have learnt that not everyone can see things the way i do, and thats fine.

i am stubborn. when i make decisions, i stick to them. even though the world will tell me i am in the wrong. but i dont care, because i dont want to care. it is my decision, and mine alone. right or wrong. i make mistakes and learn from them, just like you. i am human, in case you failed to notice. behind my smile, i too carry pain.

i cannot stand men who abuse and misuse their status as 'man' - i hate people who are the worlds biggest hypcocrites, and talk about religion as if they are so pious and 'religious.' i cannot stand 2 faced people, and have learnt from my mistakes to keep distance. i have learnt that to some people, i may be a 2 faced idiot. and thats fine too.

i have learnt that there is a lot of soul and energy in my learning curve of life, and this life in my learning curve is increasing everyday. i am more aware.

and that is fine.

zaza at 9:24 pm

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the one who tried to be fashionable, but never quite got it right.

zaza at 7:42 pm

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6 Jul 2011

The dressing table mirror,
Plates, cups, saucers,
Your beloved mobile
My glass eye, your sunglasses
My camera, your framed photo
My Phillips shaver, your toothbrush
Your window, my door handle
Your nails, my teeth
The television or
The vase with the glass rose
Your laptop, my precious CD’s
Our dog’s back bone,

Darling, sweet darling,
Of all the things you could break,
Why did you break my heart?

Zainab Bhatti

zaza at 9:50 pm

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I do hope I can revive my blog with words, for words are all I have.

zaza at 9:42 pm

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Your white vest
has a hole
on the top corner
on the right.

Your blue boxers
are hanging low
and are not
where they are supposed to go.

Theres a beauty spot
on your you know what


i saw right through you.

zainab bhatti

zaza at 9:37 pm

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I really like the poem 'IF' by Rudyard Kipling.

zaza at 9:28 pm

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I think I am back.

Wounds have healed.
The pain now is distant and dim.
Like a shining star?

I think I am back.
Stronger. And I'll be here for longer.
But I am not sure.

zaza at 9:13 pm

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