25 Jul 2011

soul in my learning curve.

i am a dreamer. i see things you dont. i can see beneath the obvious; far and beyond. but not to infinity. i will leave that for Buzz Lightyear. i have learnt that not everyone can see things the way i do, and thats fine.

i am stubborn. when i make decisions, i stick to them. even though the world will tell me i am in the wrong. but i dont care, because i dont want to care. it is my decision, and mine alone. right or wrong. i make mistakes and learn from them, just like you. i am human, in case you failed to notice. behind my smile, i too carry pain.

i cannot stand men who abuse and misuse their status as 'man' - i hate people who are the worlds biggest hypcocrites, and talk about religion as if they are so pious and 'religious.' i cannot stand 2 faced people, and have learnt from my mistakes to keep distance. i have learnt that to some people, i may be a 2 faced idiot. and thats fine too.

i have learnt that there is a lot of soul and energy in my learning curve of life, and this life in my learning curve is increasing everyday. i am more aware.

and that is fine.

zaza at 9:24 pm

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