30 Aug 2006

off to Bath with Aisha
coming back on Saturday
hasnt stopped raining.

zaza at 9:07 am

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29 Aug 2006

the one
with the metal rod in her arm
it shudda been there
where the sun dont shine.

zaza at 6:02 pm

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20 Aug 2006

tagged by Hbiddy - 10 things about me

1. I love junk food
2. I have learnt to love my feet
3. Im the only one in my family who can hula hoop
4. I love shisha and loud music
5. I once used the internet for 12 hours without a break
6. I pretend to hate my curly hair but sometimes I think its OK
7. I love laughing loudly
8. I miss sleep overs at Ushi's house
9. Im easily excited and very easily annoyed
10. Im a champion at Flicky, and not many people know


zaza at 5:11 pm

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i love me mom

zaza at 4:40 pm

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18 Aug 2006

I love myself.
dont you??

zaza at 12:17 pm

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16 Aug 2006

when theres noone else, look inside yourself and like your oldest friend just trust the voice within - sings Christina Aguilera.
do something really clever that'll make me hate your name forever - sings Shakira.

zaza at 6:52 pm

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14 Aug 2006

ive gone off makeup
dunno why
doesnt even matter how hard i try
im so cool, i make myself laugh lol
managed to burn my lip while cooking
(or should i say tasting while cooking?)
it looks like a cold sore!!
oh the joys of being a housewife.
yea right!

zaza at 11:18 am

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6 Aug 2006

[ lol ]

zaza at 6:52 pm

3 Aug 2006

happppy bday Ashaaaaaaaaan!
(thats Aisha, my 21 year old sister)

zaza at 1:44 pm