30 Nov 2005

the good old days...

i cant say whos who, because everyone will kill me..

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i brought the latest System Of A Down CD, called Hypnotize, a few days ago. its absolutely CRAZY!! it actually sends you in a daze! for those of you who dont believe me, browse through systemofadown.com/ Mum, dad and Taha are out for a few days - my brother usually camps out at my cousins house most of the time. So its just me..and my mad CD. Anyone planning to rob my house, right now would be a very good time. Being home alone-(ish), i thought i would have a secret party with loud music and a dance floor for people to get their groove on [lol!] - but then i realized i had no-one to invite. Haha - imma looza! Henna?

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29 Nov 2005

gUeSt PoSt By Td!!

yup that really is my sweet lil dahling zab all dressed up as a bride accompanied by ..umm....me..we used to do stupid stuff when we were at that age !both aisha n lal all grown up would take advantage of our innocence n make us dress up like clowns or brides or who knows wats!!but that time their plan really backfired when mum n dad gave us both a SweEEt 10 rupees n we both got to go to a near by store to get chel-gums n bubble-ums LOL!! those were the days....

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27 Nov 2005



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25 Nov 2005

experiment !!

Lie on the bed, with a pillow under you head. Start crying, and notice that your ears will fill up with tears...its really funny.


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23 Nov 2005


When I’m alone, I sometimes sit in a daze and think about life that has whizzed past, stupid things I’ve done, people with assholic personas…clever people, manipulating people, deceiving people, hypocrite yet supposedly Islamic, pious aunties. Fu*kers. But who am I to judge?

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22 Nov 2005


This happened yesterday. 6.20 am.

Im walking out of the house to catch my train to go to University. Its all snowy/icy; cold and frosty morning. I'm walking out of the gate; locking it behind me. Im walking down the street now. Then suddenly...thud! Ive fallen onto the pavement; I've slipped on the ice. There's noone else around. I lie there for a few seconds, registering what has happened. I get up and start walking again. Grazed my knee and got a bruise, but i'm fine.

It's going to snow here on Wednesday, or Thursday. I love wearing a nice, thick coat; hood up, walking in the snow. Im going to welcome the snow 'with arms wide open'. But no more trips and slips, please.

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17 Nov 2005

f.u.n = fun!

Today was my placement at Halifax, must say it was GREAT! Totally awesome! The kids were totally amazed by the fact that I knew how to speak Urdu, and were asking me to write their names. At lunch, I and 2 other people from university had a laugh.

Person1: so where are you from?
Me: Lahore
Me: Yes, I know it sounds like lå whore as in ‘a whore’ in French
Person2: Sounds more like THE whore.
[Solemn faces…followed by rapid giggles]
In Pakistan it would have been said lahawre, but here with the stupid accent, it sounds more like laho.

After I got home, we all went to the shopping centre because the Tweenies and the Crazy Frog were coming to switch on the Christmas lights. To start with, about 15 cheerleaders dressed sexily in mini skirts [micro skirts, actually!] came and did a few routines; gotta hand it to em that they were really well co-ordinated. [I’m not a class 6 guy, so this wasn’t heaven for me. But it was good any how.] After that came the loud music, then came the Tweenies and Crazy Frog. It was great; I loved it more than Taha did– he was clung to mama because there was so much noise, yet managed to fall asleep! I managed to get lost at one point, and found myself singing ‘heal the world, let them know its Christmas time’ with the crowd.

Oh how could I forget Santa darling Clause? But the poor thing was so frail and thin. Think he should stop following this diet that he’s on…cheeeeee!

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15 Nov 2005

Advice from Zabs

If a mortal, drooling pervert is staring at you closely, watching your every move, commenting on you to his friends, or just has one of those faces that you feel like slapping, stick that finger up at him. One thing to remember though, make sure it’s not your thumb. [ lol ]

p.s. I did a rough draft of this one too!

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14 Nov 2005

Ipraaal Fool

This was in 1999, 1st of April, Lahore Grammar School ...

The sultriest [and sluttiest] mortal teacher in school is sat at her library desk, wearing bright red pencil heels. It’s boiling outside; soaring temperature. Her hair is left down – it’s dyed blonde for God sake! It's quite long too, and her perspiration is making it stick to her back.

Me: Miss, your shoes are really nice
She [clearly chuffed]: Oh thank you!
Me: April fool!
She: [rolls eyes and looks away]

Ok I think it’s best if I shut up right about ... now.

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11 Nov 2005


sometimes i just write things and when i re-read them, i wonder what the hell i was thinking...

are you lurking behind
my yearly dose
of anti depressants
and i cant see you?

are you buried within
that box of
cigarette matches
and will soon ignite?

are you hiding in
that bottle of
and i cant yet free you?

are you waiting
like a big fat bully
to corner me
so you can win the fight?

try not to grope me
mayhap you'll choke me
i'm guessing thats the plan
and no, dear, youve got it all wrong
i never was
your hugest fan.

Zainab Bhatti

zaza at 10:56 am

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9 Nov 2005


ive got the flu (again!) i puked 5 times last night, which is wierd. ever puked on an empty stomach?? you'll puke out froth. ok i wont go into details. ok so i couldnt sleep last night, i swear i just could NOT stop thinking about my darling blog. save me oh save me, im obsessed. just CANT get it out of my head. my head was churning as i was thinking what i would put up next...ok so here goes. i copied it from an indian movie.


read it like a poem. isFunny! heh!
tomorrow im going to Halifax - its my first day of hands-on school experience! watch out lickle kiddies, this teachers a pshykoh!

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6 Nov 2005

hows yours..?

How’s your life
Coz my life sucks
Can’t stand the phase
Of this gibberish fu*k
There are things I don’t do
Many things I do
Many I have a reason for
But for many I haven’t a clue
Life crumbles in crises
Yet I have to live, yup,
I’ve got to realize principles
Love you just a little
Then have to give you up
Life isn’t forever
Though I wish it was
One life comes, one life goes
Like the yearly Santa Clause.
Stung, pierced to the heart
But I’m not complaining
So tell me how your life is
Coz mines falling apart.

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3 Nov 2005


I remember the time, the time that we had, i remember the things that used to make you mad, and i wish i could turn back the time. and i wish i wouldnt cry every night.

so many memories that song brings, could reduce you to tears how a close network of people can be so so close, then all of a sudden BOOM! you just drift apart. like flotsam?
all because many of us develop characteristics of bastardism and bitchism. more bastardism than bitchism though. much more bastardism...or are they equal?

p.s. im officially a blog addict. i actually do rough drafts before typing up the blog. does that make me a LOSER??

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Googly eyes

Goths wear black eye shadow on their eyes because they like seeing the world through dark, depressive, pessimistic eyes. i started doing that, then i stopped it. mum says it made my eyes look googly. haha, i find that really funny - lol

EID MUBARIK y'all - i think i look like a goon with my new green long skirt but i like it!

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1 Nov 2005

big lil bro

My little manly brother
Picks me up from
Da train station.
He'z a thug wannabe
Gangsta idolizer
I don like his clothes,
His awful style.
But I don care
Because when he comes
To pick me up from
Da train station
I feel like he'z
Ma body guard
Ma shining star
Someone who'll keep away
The baddies, the yobo’s, the ruffians
The much awaited hated.

Zainab Bhatti.

zaza at 8:34 pm

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