14 Nov 2005

Ipraaal Fool

This was in 1999, 1st of April, Lahore Grammar School ...

The sultriest [and sluttiest] mortal teacher in school is sat at her library desk, wearing bright red pencil heels. It’s boiling outside; soaring temperature. Her hair is left down – it’s dyed blonde for God sake! It's quite long too, and her perspiration is making it stick to her back.

Me: Miss, your shoes are really nice
She [clearly chuffed]: Oh thank you!
Me: April fool!
She: [rolls eyes and looks away]

Ok I think it’s best if I shut up right about ... now.

zaza at 12:15 pm

6 angels shot me


at November 14, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

this just reminded me of ms . masood but i was never as mean as u .

at November 14, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...

wo...you were in Lahore Grammar school...naice. Which branch, though?

at November 14, 2005 Anonymous mav! said...

oayy...uve been a grammarian at a time!??
lagti to nai ho..muahahhaha

btw..BONGI...april fool aisay thori banatay hain..dry joke tha yeh to...sowwi to say...hahahaha

uff i think i shud stop...err..pointing out your mistakes? hehehahhahaha

at November 14, 2005 Blogger A.S.H. said...

lol lol how come i dont remember this!!

at November 15, 2005 Blogger Saeed said...

lol @ bongi!
u know wot?even im addicted...lekin u want 2 blog, imaddicted toblog-hopping...& i dont even comment as much as i drop by...lol!

at November 16, 2005 Blogger chai said...

cheapongi! [finally got to use this word]


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