25 Feb 2009

roya re. dil roya re.

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21 Feb 2009


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14 Feb 2009

you mama dont dance and your daddy dont rock n roll.

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10 Feb 2009

PLEASE can you do this?

As a group of students at the University of Manchester we are currently occupying the Simon Building in response to the situation in Gaza. We have been in constant occupation of University buildings since the afternoon of Wednesday 4th February. One way in which you can help the occupation realise its demands is to continue the pressure on the University’s intransigent Vice-Chancellor Alan Gilbert. Please send your messages to him at president@manchester.ac.uk, and CC them to us at supporttheoccupation@googlemail.com. Feel free to use the model letter below, or to compose your own (but please bear in mind, abusive messages will not help the cause).

In solidarity,
Manchester Students in Occupation.


Professor Gilbert,

I am writing in solidarity with the students currently occupying spaces within Manchester University. Universities around the country have responded constructively to student demands, and taken concrete measures to help their colleagues in the Gaza strip. I trust that Manchester will not be the exception to this rule, and that the University will not interfere with these peaceful and overwhelming positive actions.To remain silent in the face of oppression is to side with the oppressor. It would be unthinkable for the University to ignore the pleas of the people of Gaza, or to reject the growing demands for solidarity from the student body and civil society. I hereby call on the University to answer the demands of the students in occupation.

We are thousands, we are millions. We are all Palestinians.

(your name)

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