26 Jul 2008

i can always see the sunset from my window.
everyday its a different colour. here is a picture.
the sun sinking behind the clouds just as how youve sunk into my heart.
only the sun rises again the next day, but you? you! you are forever embedded within me.
engraved in my heart. etched in my mind. running through my blood. gnawing at my soul.
you. i love you.

zaza at 10:00 pm

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24 Jul 2008

nothing feels better than helping out someone in need.

nothing feels better than just-washed straightened hair.

nothing feels better than eating junk till youre about to explode.

nothing feels better than singing along to your favourite song, knowing the windows are breaking.

nothing feels better than being careless, thoughtless and free, sometimes.

nothing feels better than passing an exam that you didnt study for at all.

nothing feels better than to pen down words that come straight from the heart.

nothing feels better than getting down on your knees and praying.

nothing feels better than laughing till your heart is content.

nothing feels better than dancing crazily, knowing you suck big time.

and nothing feels worse than having to go against Natures Law.

and nothing feels worse than saying 'i love you', really meaning it, but at the same time knowing he doesnt care at all.

zaza at 7:48 pm

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21 Jul 2008

i havent been blogging lately. its not that i dont have anything to say but that i have too much to say and i havent got words to say it with or i have words but i dont have the skill as to how i should string them together. but i know that once i start writing i wont stop and id rather not do that. because lets admit it, it becomes monotonous and boring for you to read about the same thing over and over, even though sometimes i emotionally die whilst writing.

ending abruptly.
i'll be around.

zaza at 11:44 pm

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10 Jul 2008

♥ john mayer.

zaza at 9:28 pm

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9 Jul 2008

on yer bike!

zaza at 6:09 pm

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2 Jul 2008

heres an incomplete version of the button cushion. nothing pro but atleast i can say that i know how to stitch buttons.

zaza at 9:43 pm

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