24 Jul 2008

nothing feels better than helping out someone in need.

nothing feels better than just-washed straightened hair.

nothing feels better than eating junk till youre about to explode.

nothing feels better than singing along to your favourite song, knowing the windows are breaking.

nothing feels better than being careless, thoughtless and free, sometimes.

nothing feels better than passing an exam that you didnt study for at all.

nothing feels better than to pen down words that come straight from the heart.

nothing feels better than getting down on your knees and praying.

nothing feels better than laughing till your heart is content.

nothing feels better than dancing crazily, knowing you suck big time.

and nothing feels worse than having to go against Natures Law.

and nothing feels worse than saying 'i love you', really meaning it, but at the same time knowing he doesnt care at all.

zaza at 7:48 pm

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at July 24, 2008 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh... those worst and best feelings in the world...

at July 24, 2008 Blogger zaza said...


at July 25, 2008 Blogger mayz said...

nothing feels better than a bottle of vodka...n nothing feels worse than d hangover d nxt day :P

at July 25, 2008 Blogger d SINNER!!! said...

:) happiness usually have easy sources...

at July 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

... and nothing feels worse than calling someone and them not even picking up the phone and then complaining you don't care.

... and nothing feels worse than when you're after someone and they post pictures of themselves suggesting that they're married to someone else.

... and nothing feels worse than adding someone in messenger and them deleting their account altogether.

... and nothing feels worse than you going after someone and them clapping their hands and .. just enjoying themselves watching you struggle with yourself.

... should I go on?


at July 25, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

mayz, i wouldnt know about that. i dont drink.

d sinner, they have easy sources but the feeling doesnt last as long

hashir, that was quite gud. n i could go on too but i think those are probably my top two. thanks for dropping by =]

at July 26, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing feels better than just "Being yourself"... and nothing feels worse than "losing yourself for someone who just doesnt care" :(


at July 28, 2008 Blogger Ali said...

nothing feels better than having someone you love force their attentions on you, when you know you need it but cant ask for it.

nothing feels worse than sitting alone, in the depths of dispair, with no one to talk to.


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