29 Jan 2010

sometimes, to make you aware of all your blessings, God makes things go wrong.

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12 Jan 2010

i miss taha :(

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8 Jan 2010

define crazy. something that doesn't fit the norm? someone with slightly different beliefs to yours? you're crazy if you say something wrong at the wrong time, you're crazy for not agreeing with what people think, you're crazy for not having an opinion of your own. you're crazy for not caring about people yet you're crazy for caring too much. you might upset the balance by going to extremes. am i the only one who thinks its OK to be an extremist for a good cause? is it wrong to smother someone in love? is it wrong to case them in a shell and shower them with affection? i write, for writing helps me breathe. words give meaning to feelings i cant use my mouth to explain. genuine words that come from the heart are a gift from God. am i crazy that i think that way? words give meaning to drops of tears that fall. words help me gain my sanity when i feel like i have lost it all. is it wrong that my words flow whenever i feel my pain beginning to grow? there is a river of pain running through every one of us, and whoever denies that is a liar. we deal with this river in different ways but the existence of this river cannot be questioned. shoot me if i'm talking shit.

sanity is like a flickering light switch. when will it die out completely, i wonder. nothing is ever certain and absolutely nothing lasts forever.

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7 Jan 2010

the parents are flying out to Egypt tomorrow and the sister is going back to university while i am stuck in shitty Burnley with nothing fun to do. im missing Taha already.

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5 Jan 2010

greetings and salutations,

here i am. alive and still breathing. some of you are glad to hear that where as some of you probably wish my breathing would stop. well tough because evil doesnt die young. haha. enough of that. HOW ARE YOU Mr Blog? i dont know what made me miss you enough to update you. just breathing some life into you i am. just doing my good deed for the day. might make this a regular habit. lots has happened since i last wrote. i am no longer single, searching for a soul mate and all that jazz. yeehaar. its been snowing - 3 inches and getting deeper. its expected to be 10 inch by friday! imagine! everytime i plan to make a snowman family, something comes in the way. today i wore two pairs of gloves, a scarf, my trusty hat, a coat - and headed out to the front yard. the snow was really soft and almost fluffy and i suddenly couldnt be arsed making a snowman family. took some pictures in the snow and thats about it really.

i suppose in many respects, life is the same. but atleast i have something (gorgeous!) to look forward to everyday. heres to a weird sense of happiness, new beginnings and not being single anymore. clink!

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