8 Jan 2010

define crazy. something that doesn't fit the norm? someone with slightly different beliefs to yours? you're crazy if you say something wrong at the wrong time, you're crazy for not agreeing with what people think, you're crazy for not having an opinion of your own. you're crazy for not caring about people yet you're crazy for caring too much. you might upset the balance by going to extremes. am i the only one who thinks its OK to be an extremist for a good cause? is it wrong to smother someone in love? is it wrong to case them in a shell and shower them with affection? i write, for writing helps me breathe. words give meaning to feelings i cant use my mouth to explain. genuine words that come from the heart are a gift from God. am i crazy that i think that way? words give meaning to drops of tears that fall. words help me gain my sanity when i feel like i have lost it all. is it wrong that my words flow whenever i feel my pain beginning to grow? there is a river of pain running through every one of us, and whoever denies that is a liar. we deal with this river in different ways but the existence of this river cannot be questioned. shoot me if i'm talking shit.

sanity is like a flickering light switch. when will it die out completely, i wonder. nothing is ever certain and absolutely nothing lasts forever.

zaza at 2:24 pm

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