31 Dec 2005


zaza at 5:09 pm

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27 Dec 2005

wooo part 2

another colourful Mehndi
more great food
more cool dudes
[so far, ive seen a desi Maroon 5 lead singer,
and a desi Orlando Bloom!]
more fun
more laughter
more ... LIFE.
oh good old life.

zaza at 9:24 am

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24 Dec 2005


cousins dholki was WKD!
great fun.
great food.
great tents.
great dudes.
great everything.
i even made a lil effort dancing, thnx to TD ~ great or what.
this is just a first, theres lots more to attend.
reached home at 2am.

life, thank GOD, is lurrbly.

zaza at 11:01 pm

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still in LHR.
Saeed's blog is giving me depressive vibes.
theres lots going on
in my stupid head.

life sux ... but im not sure

zaza at 7:33 am

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18 Dec 2005


im still in lahore ~ having an amazingly great time.
one of my lil cousins TD has started acting like me,
in a funny kinda way.
im such a role-model...thats scary.
its quarter past 1 in the morning
i think i should go to sleep
but i cant.
im thinking about stuff and feeling annoyed.
very very very annoyed.
i think ill go raid the kitchen now - i feel like binge-ing.
im such a pig.

zaza at 8:06 pm

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17 Dec 2005

narraay nana, 50-50! (ASH!)

having a BLAST!
so much blast
a very very blast..

so much fun, im going insane
so much fun to take in
the cars are 'peep'ing in the lanes
im finding it funny
oh so funny
a very very funny.

BY: ZAB ~ !!

zaza at 5:53 pm

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if you dont already know, im in lahore!
its amazing -
just been here for a day and a half,
but im full of stories to tell.

im not going to type them all for you.
because youre not worth telling them to.

zaza at 8:19 am

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13 Dec 2005


im going thru an era of life where im bingeing out on McDonalds - any chance i get i run down, fetch myself a Filet-O-Fish and Chips, and end up £2.81p shorter.
well today, i had a lecture at 9.00am, i reached here at half 8. seen as though i had extra time, the word McDonalds kept swimming around in my head...I went in, and heres what happened.

She: Next customer please.
Me: Can i have a filet-o-fish and some medium fries please?
She: im sorry but we only do breakfast in the morning, till 10am.
Me: *gobsmacked* ok ill have a chocolate muffin please.

i was so dissapointed as i walked out with a biig choc chip muffin.
life sucked at half 8am,
but after having my prawn sandwich, its back to normal...

zaza at 11:43 am

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11 Dec 2005

excema atttack

my darling Taha's excema has gone so bad.
& im not exaggerating.
his face looks deep-fried

and the poor kid is in utter agony.
but i still love the babe

and to me hes the cutest baby

zaza at 9:06 pm

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im baa-aack!

soooo sorry i kno ive been gone for so long..
we brought a new keyboard i hate it.
yesterday H came to visit me - it was great as usual. she totally rocks!
she interviewed me for her english project...
'what it feels lyk to be Aziz Bhattis granddaughter' etc
im sooo proud! *wipes happy tears*
she recorded a 5 min convo -
she sounded like a professional
i hated my common accent but hey.
life at the moment is ... hmmm ... fantastick!

zaza at 2:48 pm

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4 Dec 2005

she killed it

its over. all over. vanished.
its gone and theres no coming back..
my sister ASH has killed her blog.
it shall be missed... *wipes tears*
put your hands together and bid farewell,
every single one of you.

zaza at 8:00 pm

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3 Dec 2005

MP3's and overdue emails

today, after weeks of complaining, i got my free MP3 player from HSBC because i opened a student bank account with them ~ it can fit up to about 500 songs. bliss, aint it just? theyre £30 at the shops - plus i love freebees and really needed an MP3 player. life is shweeet. i shouldnt really be saying that because whenever i say life is shweet, or something optimistic, something bad tends to follow..must learn to keep my mouth shut, heh. maybe next time...

today on msn, my darling friend Niqabi sent me this picture, which i totally love. its just amazing...what more is there to say other than 'i love it' ! thanx!

p.s. thanksh for the 2 emails. long shtory, but i will email you shoon. i promish!

zaza at 9:37 pm

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2 Dec 2005

button eyed and earless

sometimes i wish i had buttons for eyes, so i could not see what goes on in the world around me. sometimes i wish i had no ears so could remain forever in blissful solitude. but sometimes, wishing for these wishes seems utterly bizzarre.

can someone (SAEED!?) tell me how to disable right-click on my pictures, please? so pervs cant steal em...[coz i have loads to put up!]

zaza at 9:04 pm

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