17 Dec 2005

narraay nana, 50-50! (ASH!)

having a BLAST!
so much blast
a very very blast..

so much fun, im going insane
so much fun to take in
the cars are 'peep'ing in the lanes
im finding it funny
oh so funny
a very very funny.

BY: ZAB ~ !!

zaza at 5:53 pm

2 angels shot me


at December 17, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ass saalamu alykum
wow good to know ur having fun mashaAllaah keep me informed . im waiting for the email u promised
Humera tc

at December 18, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...

lol...wow!! Good t'know, good t'know :D:D Insha'Allah hope you have MUCH more fun during your stay here. See this is how much WE enjoy!!!!


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