30 Apr 2006

'well basically..'

so we went to manchester
my dddddarling naz and i
and oh what fun it was !!
we didnt know the place at all
caught wrong busses
ate at Subway, gossiped, laughed
urgently needed the toilet hahaha
an adventure all in all.
thanks girl - me luvz thou!

zaza at 4:16 pm

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23 Apr 2006

hooked on huka

yesterday had sheesha at cousins place was awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!

zaza at 12:06 pm

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22 Apr 2006

takobaby looka likea cute-eee pie pie

zaza at 2:00 pm

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15 Apr 2006

do you want some cake?
and you?
and you?
and you do too?

zaza at 12:52 pm

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9 Apr 2006


so little miss misery guts [thats me] is in london with family
we have takeaways since 3 days - my idea of bliss!
my aunty cuts me a sideways fringe -
ash gets a funky new choppy haircut.
we head back to 'burnlay' tonight
i have a cold, high temp and a drippy nose... :'o(
[naz, how about that sweage system then? hehe]

ive got back in touch with 2 of my class3 classmates
[awwwwww !!!!!!!]
thanks to Okt!
one of them i used to fight with ALL the time...
and one of them used to love omelette toast...
they look the same - ive been told that many from our batch have got married!
girls ofcourse, could it possibly be the opposite sex?

zaza at 8:02 pm

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5 Apr 2006

grateful? or un?

my tummy is going rounderER by the minute
all that McDonalds is finally paying off
and im not enjoying it one bit.
shall i do something about it? if so, what?
[ i always fail to dedicate my self to a daily exercise routine ]
or shall i just be happy and thank God that its 'normal'
and not a square shape?

zaza at 4:11 pm

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1 Apr 2006

stuck in a rut......

zaza at 11:04 pm

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ash is here for 3 weeks
we are going to london next weekend
im going to Bath with ash in 3 weeks
to stay at her campus! haha cant wait!!!
put mehndi on my hair today
and wearing shalwar qameez.

zaza at 3:44 pm

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