11 Feb 2010

John Mayer.


zaza at 10:59 pm

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8 Feb 2010

Flowers are caressed with passionate showers

Time poses a threat with its endless hours

Misery takes a walk through my mind

Hand in hand with madness, openly unkind

Tears form and slowly solidify

Face the pain, he said, but do not cry

Those who laugh at you and criticize

Fail to see the world through your eyes

In my heart soundly sleep dead dreams

They tear me apart right at the seams

A flower of pain blossoms inside

Leaving me with remains that I try to hide

Conceal everything with a wrecked smile

Broken memories lay in a cluttered pile

I try and join them together once more

Nostalgia and heartache galore

zaza at 12:15 am

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