26 Feb 2008

and here is another. because the other child is called Zaza

zaza at 11:23 pm

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just to be awkward, heres a picture

zaza at 10:10 pm

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i have to write a report on a childs emotional development.
i observed a child and made notes.
now i have to make sure that I do not include any reference of his identity, because anonymity and privacy needs to be maintained and all that bullshit. so. i called my observant Afifi. and the name of the school is his name.

its a 2000 word report and i have only just written one sentence.
its due in on the 3rd March.
dont wish me luck, i need a miracle.

zaza at 2:02 pm

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23 Feb 2008

life isnt over.

time to let go of the past.

bury the past in a deep grave where it wont haunt me, ever.

time to turn over a new leaf.

time to put an end to this chapter and begin a new one.

because i have a life.

and my life, too, is worth living.

zaza at 5:28 pm

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22 Feb 2008

hum gunday hain magar
hum Teray hee banday hain

im going [through another phase?]

life sucks and love kills.

zaza at 11:22 pm

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18 Feb 2008

Silver says:
cheer up girl! whatever happens with u....i will forever be ur friend. at least I know the true story of a person who really loved whole heartedly

zaza at 8:04 pm

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17 Feb 2008

There are so many fish in the sea, perhaps even better than you. But they don’t even compare to you. You were in the sea and I sat by the shore day and night for a whole month with my fishing rod; listening to Lifehouse, waiting to catch you. So one day, I decided to jump in the sea to look for you, despite not being an outstanding swimmer. I ran out of breath and came up to the surface to take in some air. I never came across you. I stayed in for longer, almost choking. I love you so much. If the sky turned pink and the sea turned a sickly shade of green, I would still love you. If your gills got blocked and I was a fish, I swear to God I would cut off mine and give them to you; just so you could breathe again. I just wish I will get the chance someday, to show you just how much you mean to me. This is life. This is a fisherwoman’s life that just doesn’t stop dragging. This is life, waiting to come to an end because you’re not here and it hurts so much that is beyond your thoughts. And until I have soul in my body and until I’m breathing, I will love you forever and that is the truth.

i suck dont i.

zaza at 8:00 pm

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14 Feb 2008

you know what.
f you. enough really is enough.
im gonna cut you out of my life.
its game over.
my feelings for you?
im going to kill them.
one by one. call me Miss Murder.

and i know for a fact that there is noone in the world who can love you like i do. and even you know that. but as much as i love you and as much as i always will love you, its game over. and another thing i know for an absolute fact is that once day, one day soon, you will look back and think OH MY LORD. WHAT HAVE I DONE?

see youuuuuuuuuuuz.

zaza at 8:46 pm

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6 Feb 2008

the unexplainable what

What goes up must come down
What plummets for a moment must yet again soar
What cuts up is like a wound healed
What is mysterious is often enlightened
What bleeds dries up slowly with time
What abandons dreams can too preserve
What shatters hearts can sometimes mend
What burns up must die down in ashes
What has no hope can be stuck by optimism
What makes you feeble can make you strong
What goes round in circles usually feels dizzy
What has no today, has a tomorrow
What dies too has another life.

zaza at 3:01 pm

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Taha Rose.

zaza at 11:42 am

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3 Feb 2008

all heartless men are drowning. jogging ahead, we embrace defeat.

life. goes on.

zaza at 6:49 pm

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1 Feb 2008

although his mum and dad justify (their) actions, we end-up disturbed.

these posts arent posts.
they are shards of my broken heart.

zaza at 3:14 pm

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