29 Nov 2008

Me against the past ??

Stop it. Quit haunting me. I don’t want you so stop wanting me. You attack me with your battle gun. I cry but for you this is fun that has only just begun. You place your hands on your hips, look towards me and lick your lips. I shut my eyes and mute my cries, try to blank you out as you keep inching closer. Without a doubt you have won. I am weak and forever yours. You begin to devour my mind. I cannot remember very well, but I am certain that this gesture of yours is unkind. So I just sit in a dark hole, waiting to see the light so I can be whole again.

Allah Hu Akbar.
gotta love life.
gotta keep going no matter what.

zaza at 11:18 pm

4 angels shot me

18 Nov 2008

and the one who you thought was the closest to you was the one who was the furthest apart.
this is life.
and these are the scars of my heart.

zaza at 10:50 am

6 angels shot me