29 Nov 2008

Me against the past ??

Stop it. Quit haunting me. I don’t want you so stop wanting me. You attack me with your battle gun. I cry but for you this is fun that has only just begun. You place your hands on your hips, look towards me and lick your lips. I shut my eyes and mute my cries, try to blank you out as you keep inching closer. Without a doubt you have won. I am weak and forever yours. You begin to devour my mind. I cannot remember very well, but I am certain that this gesture of yours is unkind. So I just sit in a dark hole, waiting to see the light so I can be whole again.

Allah Hu Akbar.
gotta love life.
gotta keep going no matter what.

zaza at 11:18 pm

4 angels shot me


at November 30, 2008 Blogger Anonymous. said...

Thats the reason why we have to just hold on to HIM.
Best wishes :)

at November 30, 2008 Blogger zaza said...

right back atcha

at December 01, 2008 Blogger Napalm said...

Is that from a dream? Anyway, sounds like it.

It is just your mistakes that are coming back to you. Every one is allowed to make them. But history is gone and the future is still to come. Live the present, learn from the good decisions and mistakes of the past, and plan for the future. You never know how much fun you can have if you try to re-live the past.

Make new memories to wash out the old ones. There is loads of people in the world that are worth the time and effort. All are not the same.

So I would suggest (if it doesn't sound too harsh) to move on with life, and find someone else that you can relate to, who appreciates you for who you are, who believes in what you do and say, who respects you...

That's my theory... Now only if I could take my own advice...


at December 09, 2008 Blogger seher's shenanigans said...

no new memories will wash out the old ones.
people will leave and memories will haunt. the only thing one can do is stop regretting it all, cuz at one time and one point, we all want it and that is why we have it.


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