27 Jan 2011

Taha: "i want a new brother!"

Mum: "Cant get u one now,"

Taha: "Just grow one!! Eat lots and lots of food so you get really fat, and go to the doctor and tell him to take it out of your tummy..but eat all the food in the world first to get fat.."

zaza at 2:41 pm

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26 Jan 2011

dear God.
thank You. lots.

zaza at 9:04 pm

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12 Jan 2011

Everything happens for the best. eventually, everything slots into place and you think ah! now i get it! we come across things in life that help us change for the better. i will end this post before i have even started it. i hope everyone is doing well and i hope your troubles slot into place when the time is right. Peace. x

zaza at 7:20 pm

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