29 May 2018

Broken hearted melody

As my heart strings break one after the other, a tear drop falls to mark each of their loss. The melody that my heart plays upon their breaking falls onto your deaf ears. I can finally breathe; broken in two and knowing I will never be whole again. I lost myself and since then have never been fully found. It is strange and a little surreal; dreamlike and almost bizarre for me to feel this way. Maybe you are a killer in your own right, on your own terms and conditions of course. You killed my soul, you sombre soul slayer, and left me for dead. Although I survived, my scars tell a story that not many are able to comprehend. Not even you. Not that it matters; I’m no one special. Remember when I cautiously touched your face, scared and awfully frightened, fearing you could hear my pounding heart? I hoped to God you wouldn’t hear it, I didn’t want to worry you. I want to tell myself that it will all be alright and that the silver lining on the cloud will soon return. I am sick and tired of waiting for it to reappear. There is no hand to hold so I will hold my own and keep wandering down this road; losing my way and finding it again. I will keep going until I reach a dead end. Only then will I know that the time has come to let go and cocoon myself in eternity.

Delilah. at 11:05 pm

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Letting go.

Something from 2010.

I had the wings to fly. She tailored them to just my size so I could soar. I had a small amount of hope in the palm of my hand. She told me to hold on to it and never let it go. I had memories that we locked up in a cage in my mind. She unlocked them and threw away the key so I could let go. I had all I needed to be a dreamer. She taught me to dream beyond expectations and not be afraid. I was coming apart at the seams. I was a bundle of sorrow and grief. She held my soul and helped me heal. I was drowning in a sea of madness. She threw me a life jacket so I could float again. I had all the pieces right in front of me. She glued them up and made me whole.

I was standing near a closed door. She turned the handle and set my demons free.

Delilah. at 11:02 pm

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