23 Apr 2006

hooked on huka

yesterday had sheesha at cousins place was awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!

zaza at 12:06 pm

8 angels shot me


at April 23, 2006 Anonymous lali said...

aaaa hoookaaaaaa me want hoookaaaa hahahahah kindda like a charseee but all my flavured tobacco is finito :(

at April 23, 2006 Anonymous zab said...

hheehehe ujala this time it was the bessssssssst i swear i was high lol

at April 23, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

lolz @ being high:D

at April 25, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

but y u wana get high?
the purpose of hooka (shisha) is to enjoy the flavours.
i love to 'taste the flavours'

at April 25, 2006 Anonymous lali said...

zab i hate u for writting this blog now i find myself say hookaaa hookaaa over and over again aaaaaaaa

at April 26, 2006 Anonymous sohail said...

plz dont do huka... :( it can kill u... it can really... once i saw i guy get hit on the head by 1... guess what he never got up again...and im still on the run :(


at April 26, 2006 Anonymous zab said...

illusion: hahaha yeahhhh ;)

anon: hmmmmm me too lol

lali: lol! u have one!! use it! buy some more tbco! hmmmmm

s: lololol! haah finally you can blog again! lol @ ur lil story :)

at April 30, 2006 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

sohail very funny :) and zabs he can blog again courtesy of moi ofcourse, he swore he would do dua for me if i found him an alternative route for the blog so voila the genius i am .......... and hukka away some ahahahah


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