4 Dec 2005

she killed it

its over. all over. vanished.
its gone and theres no coming back..
my sister ASH has killed her blog.
it shall be missed... *wipes tears*
put your hands together and bid farewell,
every single one of you.

zaza at 8:00 pm

9 angels shot me


at December 05, 2005 Anonymous Saeed said...

didnt dat happen quite a few days ago...?

at December 06, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

tell aisha its haram to commit murder. tsk tsk.........i m so excited i cant wait

at December 06, 2005 Anonymous zab said...

saeed: i didnt know she had killed it, but knew she was going to.

motullus: hehe, so am i but its still a long long way..

at December 06, 2005 Blogger Kashmiri said...

Excellent way to put it, fun reading thee blog. Just dont cry too much, it can always be retrieved!

at December 07, 2005 Blogger Saeed said...

hey,NO posts from d blog addict??!!& here am i,who has drafts written & saved ready to b posted!!!lol!2 of them!1 goes up tomoro evening!

at December 07, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

hey i agree with saeed..kidhar hooo?
n yeah i noticed it a few days back...aisha's blog gone..dead..no more to be seen : (

khair..long time! where be u?

at December 09, 2005 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

May God bless the dead one. Amen!

I heard he was nice but what was his age? LOL!

God bless you....

at December 11, 2005 Blogger Saeed said...

Yo-my fav li'll blog addict,where art thou???Y rn't u posting anemore??skool keeping u busy??

at December 11, 2005 Anonymous zab said...

sorry ppl - my bro ws paintin his room so the computer was discnected - n plus we gt a new keybord which is err diffiult 2use


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