3 Dec 2005

MP3's and overdue emails

today, after weeks of complaining, i got my free MP3 player from HSBC because i opened a student bank account with them ~ it can fit up to about 500 songs. bliss, aint it just? theyre £30 at the shops - plus i love freebees and really needed an MP3 player. life is shweeet. i shouldnt really be saying that because whenever i say life is shweet, or something optimistic, something bad tends to follow..must learn to keep my mouth shut, heh. maybe next time...

today on msn, my darling friend Niqabi sent me this picture, which i totally love. its just amazing...what more is there to say other than 'i love it' ! thanx!

p.s. thanksh for the 2 emails. long shtory, but i will email you shoon. i promish!

zaza at 9:37 pm

2 angels shot me


at December 04, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

aaaaaaaaah lucky churail!!!
ive been saving up for an mp3 player since eiddd...uffff...
n is it jst 30 pounds there? thts like 3000 here na?

kis company ka haii???
idhar sony ke atay hee nai..:( and atay hain to they're more expensive than an ipod!!!!!

yeah so now u heard my dukhi story...CONGRATULATIONS on the free mp3 player...lol

at December 04, 2005 Blogger GH said...

30 pounds hmm waisay if compared with its capacity it's not expansive.


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