24 Dec 2005


cousins dholki was WKD!
great fun.
great food.
great tents.
great dudes.
great everything.
i even made a lil effort dancing, thnx to TD ~ great or what.
this is just a first, theres lots more to attend.
reached home at 2am.

life, thank GOD, is lurrbly.

zaza at 11:01 pm

4 angels shot me


at December 25, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank u ...thank u ladies n gentlemen....td has left the building!

at December 26, 2005 Blogger chai said...

oh man i think that was the awesomest party i've attended since college. yay!

at December 26, 2005 Blogger Saeed said...

there were dudes at the dholki?rn't dholkis just for d zanana???!!!so vot didja do, the bhangra, or....oh wait-did ushi show u her "kajrare" dance??

at December 26, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...

Oh wow...wow. I'm glad youre so happy here. Insha Allah Insha'Allah will meet soon


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