2 Dec 2005

button eyed and earless

sometimes i wish i had buttons for eyes, so i could not see what goes on in the world around me. sometimes i wish i had no ears so could remain forever in blissful solitude. but sometimes, wishing for these wishes seems utterly bizzarre.

can someone (SAEED!?) tell me how to disable right-click on my pictures, please? so pervs cant steal em...[coz i have loads to put up!]

zaza at 9:04 pm

7 angels shot me


at December 02, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

buttons for eyes? no ears?
that kinda sounds like pinnocio the puppet.
its best just to ignore wats going on around u and get on with things.
its difficult, but when u know how, it saves many a tear.

at December 03, 2005 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

Not me coz I'm a gentleman, But you should face a boxer in the Ring. You can get your wishes done. LOL!

God bless you....

at December 03, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

dont be crazy why do u wanna put ur pics online .????

at December 03, 2005 Blogger Saeed said...

so u DID read dat comment...lol!
& umm, i'm no comp geek.I'm IT challenged myself...lol!(atleast 1 of my kids is doing a degree in IT!!!)
y dont u goggle it?i just wanted u to do it so i mentioned it...or umm,google it??

at December 03, 2005 Blogger GH said...

Disabling rit cilk on pics? Em unable to understand tyhis q. have u fixed the prob?

and thx for dropping by my space!

at December 03, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

anon: yehhh, tht makes sense. thanks!

boxing champ: hahaha! nice to have you comenting here!

motullus: i meant baby pics! and funny ones!

saeed: course i read it! i try not to ignore people on my blog, here in blogistan! thanks, il try n google it.

green head: never mind! and il b droppin by more on ur space!!

at December 04, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

u DO realise tht ppl can save pix WITHOUT right click...screenshot!! ting ting!!!!


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