13 Dec 2005


im going thru an era of life where im bingeing out on McDonalds - any chance i get i run down, fetch myself a Filet-O-Fish and Chips, and end up £2.81p shorter.
well today, i had a lecture at 9.00am, i reached here at half 8. seen as though i had extra time, the word McDonalds kept swimming around in my head...I went in, and heres what happened.

She: Next customer please.
Me: Can i have a filet-o-fish and some medium fries please?
She: im sorry but we only do breakfast in the morning, till 10am.
Me: *gobsmacked* ok ill have a chocolate muffin please.

i was so dissapointed as i walked out with a biig choc chip muffin.
life sucked at half 8am,
but after having my prawn sandwich, its back to normal...

zaza at 11:43 am

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at December 13, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished writing a comment on your last blog and when i go back there's another story which cracks me up. What the... fillet burger and chips at 8.30 in the morning, i'm getting worried!!! Did u know that after Xmas the burgers go down to 99p each but I guess its tough luck for you cos you'll be in Pakistan. There is still time though Zab for you to change your mind, come on forget pakistan. I see me and you at McDonalds everyday over the holidays...my treat! Is my evil plan of trying to keep you here working?? If so let me know...plenty more junk food where that came from! lol
What ya saying Zabz????

at December 13, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

just had a full box of pringles all by myself lali bhoki put half of hers in her cupboard hahahah im gonna eat them wehn she asleep:)

at December 14, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

did u know that the milkshales at macdonalds have animal fat in them.
and who is that other anonymous, its not me..iam the real anonymous.

at December 14, 2005 Anonymous zab said...

fari: how nice to have u here!! wow! thanks for the plan, but i tink il stick to pakistan haha coz i can even have big Macs there!

td: haha lol! i dont like pringles anymore

anon: i dont have the milkshakes here anyway..

at December 15, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...


at December 15, 2005 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

I'm Lovin' it. LOL!

God bless you....


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