11 Dec 2005

excema atttack

my darling Taha's excema has gone so bad.
& im not exaggerating.
his face looks deep-fried

and the poor kid is in utter agony.
but i still love the babe

and to me hes the cutest baby

zaza at 9:06 pm

3 angels shot me


at December 13, 2005 Blogger Saeed said...

Dua's on the way for the cute Taha!!!

at December 13, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zabbbbb i did it... i finally visited ur blog. lol. Even the word cracks me up!!! lol. Anyways it is pretty cool i must say. So sounds like u and "H" had a good time! Where was my invite, making me come all the way to town the day before, u little sh*t!!!! And u dont have to tell the world..we already know that taha is the cutest baby in the world, regardless of his what did u call it..his deep fried face!! So take care and i'll see you BOTH when you get back Inshallah.
Lots of love from u know who?

at December 13, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey cant belive tahas skins that bad u get him here gurl n let the paki air touch his skin hell be alrite in days!!fair n lovely ka kamal!hahahaha


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