22 Nov 2005


This happened yesterday. 6.20 am.

Im walking out of the house to catch my train to go to University. Its all snowy/icy; cold and frosty morning. I'm walking out of the gate; locking it behind me. Im walking down the street now. Then suddenly...thud! Ive fallen onto the pavement; I've slipped on the ice. There's noone else around. I lie there for a few seconds, registering what has happened. I get up and start walking again. Grazed my knee and got a bruise, but i'm fine.

It's going to snow here on Wednesday, or Thursday. I love wearing a nice, thick coat; hood up, walking in the snow. Im going to welcome the snow 'with arms wide open'. But no more trips and slips, please.

zaza at 9:39 am

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at November 22, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

hope ure OKKKK...
dehaan se chala karo yaar..stop thinking abt idhar udhar ka stuff while walking on icy pavements!

at November 22, 2005 Blogger Saeed said...

i've never seen snow!happy snowy thanksgiving!!!& lol at nobody around & lie to let it register!!!oh,yes, i AM a foodie!!!lol!

at November 22, 2005 Blogger wildrose said...

u crazy thing!
u fell and u picked urself up...lol gud on yah..now that i hav laft at u..bet i am gonna do the same..lol

at November 23, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...

.chSalaams zainab!:)

lol@slipping down. truly sorry to hear that, a slice of bad luck, eh. I love snow too ! but unfortunetly we dont have it here in Lahore:( Pack it up and it send it to me in a jiffy, kay?

By the way...at 6:20 am !!! Really THAT early? When do you wake up if you're ready by 6:20 ? Isnt it like before fajer?

at November 23, 2005 Blogger chai said...

snow sucks! hope no more tripping or slipping for you

at November 23, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

mavra: forget 'idhar udhar ka stuff', try walking on ice fullstop!

saeed: lol! when i told my cousins that id never seen snow, they made fun of me! guess im entitled to make fun of you then, lol!

wildrose: why do you call me a crazy thing, oh puny black creature? lol!

niqabi: 5.10am - yes thats before fajar! wish i cud send u some snow bt yaar, i cant! hahah!

chai: i hope the same. snows nice, ice is not!

at November 25, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

next time u fall down make sure its on a slope, so u can glide to ur destination.

at November 25, 2005 Blogger Zab said...



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