23 Nov 2005


When I’m alone, I sometimes sit in a daze and think about life that has whizzed past, stupid things I’ve done, people with assholic personas…clever people, manipulating people, deceiving people, hypocrite yet supposedly Islamic, pious aunties. Fu*kers. But who am I to judge?

zaza at 7:00 pm

8 angels shot me


at November 24, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

hahah yeah who r u to judge, u already did :)

at November 24, 2005 Blogger A.S.H. said...

lol yea its written in a cool way but ushi is right 2 :)

at November 24, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...

lol...you just summarised all me recent posts in five sentences! Altho, your manner is hip and cool, whereas mine is surpressed and somehow conservative,

You can't judge, no but in your mind you can :)!

at November 24, 2005 Blogger chai said...

true we're nobody to judge. but we should be careful about who we surround ourselves with. especially people who don't make us feel good or help us turn towards Allah swt are not worth our time and we can judge them as that...not of much use to us or too negative to handle. or at least that's the way i figure it. potty mouth

at November 24, 2005 Anonymous zabzz said...

motullus: yes i know. that was the whole point lol!

ash: heh, tankoo. cu tomorw :)

niqabi: iluvu yaar. dont b conservative, coz the world will eat u up!

chai: i cant argue with u coz i know you are right. love the word 'potty mouth' tho! :-D

at November 25, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

HaAhaahHahaHAhAhHAHAHAHAHAhaha !potty mouth! u knwo zab with all these posts abt how u dont like clever ppl with assholic personas i am starting to get suspicious...is it me??:() <- that was a sad smiley wiht a double chin!
ps: dont concern ure self becos of such ppl they dont deserve ure attention nor the tiny space in ure mind!:))<- smiley wiht double chin!!

at November 25, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes u cant judge, but u can speak ur mind.
theres to many swear words in ur mind tho'.

at November 25, 2005 Anonymous zab said...

td: thapar na khana! ul1u! urrrr noottttttt!!

anon: cheerrrrrsssss! i take that as a cawmpliment!


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