30 Nov 2005


i brought the latest System Of A Down CD, called Hypnotize, a few days ago. its absolutely CRAZY!! it actually sends you in a daze! for those of you who dont believe me, browse through systemofadown.com/ Mum, dad and Taha are out for a few days - my brother usually camps out at my cousins house most of the time. So its just me..and my mad CD. Anyone planning to rob my house, right now would be a very good time. Being home alone-(ish), i thought i would have a secret party with loud music and a dance floor for people to get their groove on [lol!] - but then i realized i had no-one to invite. Haha - imma looza! Henna?

zaza at 8:42 am

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at November 30, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

No-one to invite? kyu bhaee????
its time to partayyyyyyyyy!

at November 30, 2005 Blogger Arroclint said...

its a good album, i still prefer toxicity!


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