3 Nov 2005


I remember the time, the time that we had, i remember the things that used to make you mad, and i wish i could turn back the time. and i wish i wouldnt cry every night.

so many memories that song brings, could reduce you to tears how a close network of people can be so so close, then all of a sudden BOOM! you just drift apart. like flotsam?
all because many of us develop characteristics of bastardism and bitchism. more bastardism than bitchism though. much more bastardism...or are they equal?

p.s. im officially a blog addict. i actually do rough drafts before typing up the blog. does that make me a LOSER??

zaza at 6:06 pm

9 angels shot me


at November 03, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...

Bastardism and bitchism are equal, in my opinion, though it tends to vary from place to place...

lol@blog addict. Simply great!
wow, you make rough drafts before posting...interesting and proper, not at all loser. :)

Keep smiling and stay happy. I love you, sallams

at November 03, 2005 Anonymous Saeed said...

i like ppl who're addicted to blogging!lol!& hey, even i've always wanted 2 try d goth luk...theres this goth club near my place, its gaelic..& i SO want 2 go there....but sigh...i'll never luk goth enuf...

at November 04, 2005 Blogger wildrose said...

nah goth luk doesnt interest pink...i gotta luk full ov lyf even if ur feelin shitty coz ov the wetha etc
zainab its fine u go ahead an plan...practise ur lines...soon they will b perfect...lol
bastardism always tops bitchism...but for guys its slitely undercover...whereas girls lyk to get it all out in the open

at November 04, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

no time to comment more!

hope u had a blast
take care!

at November 05, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

ahaha ure such a loser rough draft haah but being a blog addict is good, and bitchism isnt as bad coz u can be just as bitchy but u cant equal bastardism na thats why it has the top hand :)eid mub we took pics when u come online ill send them to u

at November 05, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think they r both equal until n unless they cross a certain limit n when they do both of em r unfrogivable so to all those bastardas n biotches becareful from me ..i dont tend to forgive easy like zab!!:P

at November 06, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything that has a start has a beginning, so to find out if its bastardism or bitchism u need to go to the source of the particular situation and find out the cause.
If u do this for any situation then u can find out if its bastdsm or bitcsm.
Then compile ur data in bar graphs and pie charts, and u will find which is most common.
By the way...what is bastardism and bitchism?

at November 07, 2005 Blogger wildrose said...

bastardism and bitchism
its jus sumthin i made up...it sounds gud rite...oh yes indeedy!

at November 08, 2005 Blogger chai said...

ack! my eyes! i want my innocent all eating zab back. oh yeah and rough drafts are a bit much. i thought i was a perfectionist [ha!]


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