18 Jan 2007

love will young, how can i not

going to watch THE VORTEX next week with a friend. hope i get to take a pic with will young. eeeeeeeeeee!!

zaza at 7:57 pm

2 angels shot me


at January 20, 2007 Anonymous Rachel Brennan said...

hey, i don't know any other way of messaging you so thought i'd leave a comment on here in the hopes of a reply.
i have read some of you're stuff and was wondering if you've had a couple of poems published in Manchester Metropolitan Uni's magazine Pulp recently??.... i know thats really random but i loved those poems and wanted to let the author know. If its not you then i appologise for leaving a very random comment on ur site.

at January 21, 2007 Anonymous zab said...

yes yes its me :D
3 of them were published.
wow this is exciting
u can mail me on


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