25 Oct 2005

George W Kutta and his loyal pet Tony Bastarda

i dont see what they want. invading the poor countries to find weapons of mass distruction? bloody hell! and i used to think i was stupid. someone needs to bomb them both, rip their skin to shreds, pull out their teeth with plyers. ive been thinking though, that life is a hobby. everyone is just LIVING, killing time. waiting for death and the Hereafter. if someone is a doctor then that is his hobby and his way of passing time. if one is a teacher or anything, then that is just a way to pass time again. what awaits for us all at the end is death - hence we all are equal in a sense coz we have to go through this one standard procedure in life. its oh so wierd. am i making sense at all?

yesterday everyone had a really rough night for everyone but dad, who is really enjoying his Umrah trip: aisha called from University and said she couldnt sleep till really late. taha screamed the house down from 1am till 3am - because his excema was irritating him. he was crying and no amount of DUA's was comforting him enough. hence ahmed woke up because of that and so did i. but when i got up, i couldnt open my eyes. over night i got an eye infection! theres stuff coming out of them and theyre swollen. now i am going to the Doctor to see what has gone wrong. consequently, i missed a day of University...life is great heh. [nOt!]

update: turns out, it was an allergic reaction! to cucumbers!! yesterday night, i cut up pieces of cucumber to put on my eyes...thats when it all began. i shall never be doing that again...a lesson learnt is never forgotten!

zaza at 10:03 am

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at October 25, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

hey..hahahahah..sowwie..cant help but laugh..hahahaha..beauty treatment ulti ho gayee? heheheh..poor baby

and btw..i LOVE the first half of the blog..so true..so true :P
n heyyyy..tumhari eyes to choro..woh to khud kharab kee hain tum ne...babyy ko kia kiyaaa...us ka eczema theek karwaooo..>!!!!!!

at October 25, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

lol khotti, nahi hotta theek excema we have tried EVERYTHING. beauty treatment gone wrong ahah i like that! :)

at October 26, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually the thing is that taha is a paki baby even though he was born there thats wat his skins alergic to....goras!!

at October 26, 2005 Blogger A.S.H. said...

haha i can imagine u with glue-eyes

at October 26, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

cucumber on your eyes? i thought cucumbers were supposed to be for eating?
maybe it was cucumber from a salad, in which case u should hav washed the salt off them..!!!

at October 27, 2005 Blogger wildrose said...

zoybobshite u n e beta? missin a day ov uni wot r u lyk!
taha excema attack!!! he found n e relief yet?

at October 27, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

hell no they werent salad ones, Mr Anon! i cut them fresh frm the fridge! no salt, u conclusion jumper!

at October 27, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh ok, sorrie,
i thinked that they was from the salad.


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