27 Oct 2005

Allah Hu Akbar

Read some comments on a Muslim convert. ‘dumbass is a trader!! Once a U.S Citizen, now a slave to Islam. Probably a suicide bomber!’ How distressing. What IS the world coming to? One of my aims is that I want to talk to a Muslim convert inshallah soon.and ask questions as to why did they change, what made them embrace Islam. Anyway, here is what I came out with…

There is no Devil as such;
We are our own Satan,
Have we not a mind,
To chose right from wrong,
Or is that just too much?
Many wrongs have been established
There is too much right to embrace
We are all in the dark
And we fool ourselves, stumble with grace?
The simplest of all answers is
‘So what, everyone does it’
For us all to embrace goodness
This simplicity must be crushed
And who knows if there’s a tomorrow?
To laugh a laugh, share a sorrow
Soon, that friend that you so trust
Will no longer be here.

zaza at 4:31 pm

3 angels shot me


at October 27, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

NYCE!! i know how u feel sometimes i wanna do sth extraordinary n actually turn someone to islam but i guess thats a long way away cos i actually have to MEET a non muslim :)hehehehe

at October 27, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know lots of muslim converts.. actually most of them get offended if u call them converts, they prefer to be called 're-verts' as they say everyone is born a muslim, so infact theyre 'reverting' back to islam.
They hav many differant reasons, ranging from cleanliness to spirtitual reasons.

at October 28, 2005 Blogger A.S.H. said...

nice...true poem


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