29 Dec 2006


changes in life are like the weather. it just happens. like when its cold, we mortals have to do what we have to do to keep ourselves warm. when its hot we have to do what we have to do to keep ourselves cool. if you dont do what you have to do in weather extremes, you lose out. simple. such are the changes that take part in the lives of many. either adapt to them or give up the thought of living. thankyou very much and goodbye for now. i will be back.

zaza at 1:12 pm

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27 Dec 2006

im making you realise without making you realise that youre realising it

zaza at 1:45 pm

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26 Dec 2006

nearly 3 days to go ...
[ why doesnt time FLY when you desperately want it to? ]
what answers can y'all come up for this - do you have to wait for happiness to come to you or do you have to go out looking for it?

zaza at 11:52 pm

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25 Dec 2006

bits and pieces

soo...lala......im glum and sad because my best cousin got married and i saw some pics. yeah so i couldnt go - badly wish i was there. badly is not the word. its wierd. ive got more than a million memories with her (et al!) plus weddings are always fun, esp if youve got TD with you...its just crazy. pakistan is FUN. full stop.

the words that i want no relationship with are - shut up and move on because life goes on.

5 more days to go...im happy, yet the down side of that is that im thinking that i might die with happiness. you know, like when youre TOOOOO happy about something and start thinking that something must be wrong. baah. hope not.

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22 Dec 2006

bloody annoyances.
never end, do they?

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18 Dec 2006

binge thinker

thoughts. memories.
more thoughts and memories.
and thoughts and memories again.
and thoughts and memories yet again.

zaza at 10:46 am

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16 Dec 2006

between love and hate

zaza at 8:46 pm

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