15 May 2007

meius babeus

i feel a bit wierd. no not a bit wierd, majorly wierd. its like you know how you can sense something in your bones? that something awwwwwfully majorly fucked up is gonna happen? like someone is going to die and it could even be you the reader, or me the writer. its bonkers, its balls but atleast im being honest. sometimes i wish i could be a bitcha but from what i can see, bitches have to face the conclusion of the sequences, and that is the consequence. i cant think straight anymore because thoughts of you corrode the shit out of me. i want things to speed up so we can talk again. i cant sleep at night - i tend to switch the lights off and curl up onto one side in mr.blankie, and gaze out the window with JohnMayers song in my head (wont tell you which one but you probably know) and everyday i see a silouhette (excuse the spellings) of the church and i look at the clouds and go absolutely crazy to say the very least. yea yea its all pretty-pretty but i wish you were here so we could both look at it together. haaa, sometime soon..sometime soon. paitence is a virtue isnt it. and everyday i see a light flashing in the distance and it reminds me of you and only you know why that is...and i see the clouds drifting away, away and then i just cant see them because they have probably gone to the other side of the world. and i smile to myself through teary eyes because i would never go away like these clouds, and i would never want you to go away like the clouds.. because i would kill to hold you close. and i will love you always till the end of time and i just hope you know that. Ameen. and to top things up, its just started to rain. yer fucking amazing. dear Lord, please have a litttttttttttttle bit mercy.

zaza at 9:32 pm