26 Jun 2012

All things negative

I can’t sing like a bird. I break windows. I hate the sound of my voice. It mortifies me. I can’t dance, though I wish I could. I am average looking with thin hair that is getting thinner. I do not like my figure. We do not get on. I have a troublesome left shoulder. I have made many, many mistakes and somewhat live in their shadows. I care too much for my own good. I am stupid. I live in a country that is secretly corrupt and is sun deprived. I am paranoid. I worry constantly about different things. I am insecure about my appearance. I believe there is a heart somewhere in all of us, not matter how obvious our evil streak is. I can write more but I don’t want to. Must get back to counting my blessings and not get stuck at 1... Anyway. Tell me about you.

Delilah. at 1:11 pm

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