7 Sep 2005

9 reasons...

I was listening to a song recently, where a guy is singing about ‘Reasons’ why he loves a woman. Not my cup of tea, really, but its not too bad. The lyrics are a bit too sugary and sickly sweet though. So, oh hopeful yet hapless mortal romantics in the crazy yet hazy world out there, this one’s for you…

· One. You light my day, you are my sun.
· Two. I cannot get enough of you.
· Three. I know that you’ll be true to me.
· Four. You keep me coming back for more.
· Five. You make my way, you carve my life.
· Six. I’m addicted, you’re my fix.
· Seven. You are here, and I’m in heaven.
· Eight. When it’s good, you make it great.
· Nine. You turn my water into wine.

The reason I will stay with you, I know that you love me too.

zaza at 6:55 pm

11 angels shot me


at September 07, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

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at September 07, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

damn you, currency strategy trading person!

at September 08, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

you 4got:
1)if loving is a crime, then im guilty as charged.
2)if u love somthing let it go, and if it returns then u kno that it loved you too.
3)if i could change the alphabet id put U and I together.

Love is somthing that no one can fix the limits of, becos it is as infinate as the stars. It is a natural phenomena that no-one can explain and people should have blind faith in it, for love is trust and certitude in the unknown, and without that faith, emotions can die.

at September 08, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

the above comment is from a differant annonymous person than the one who talks of currncy stratgy trading.

at September 08, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

eghhhhhh!! even for the sugary sweet lovey dovey its a bit over the top na:) anyman who says this to will surely betray u

at September 08, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

oo c'mon ush u ruined her blog!!anyway whose the second anonymous cos thats wat i call "sweet betrayal" hahahaa
"3)if i could change the alphabet id put U and I together."->how cheesy !

at September 08, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

heh, anon, reveal ur identity so i can stone u, with TD. haha im jokin - oay td, stop harassing my commenters, if they go away then the blog will surely die!
lurve is like cancer - destroy it before it destroys you :0)

at September 08, 2005 Blogger najm said...

This blog is so goth it makes me want to cry...hahahaha. Okay seriously, think happy thoughts. Later

at September 09, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

im the mystery blogger. if i reveal my identity i will hav to kill you :P
1)love is like a rollercoaster, you just hav to ride it.
2)your LOv is like a vegetable soup, you dont know wat ur gona get next.
3) love is like a mountain, hard to climb. But once ur at the top, the view is beautiful.
4)To the world u may be one person, but to one person u may be the world.
now how can u say the above r cheesy?

at September 09, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

ok kill me, just reveal ur identity and then we can have a battle. the winner will get to live. the other person will be left to .. die!

at September 10, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

but if i kill you, then how can we hav a battle.
i think its better to leave my identity anonymous for the time being...but ur free to guess who iam.


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