27 Sep 2005

Death. By bad breath!

On my way back home, amidst slight aroma of looserish farting travellers [ !! ], I managed to write 3 poems! This is the one I think is best.

“How long till we get to York?”
He said while eating strips of pork
“22 more minutes and then we’re there”
I breathed out, in great despair
He died on the spot
I knew not why
It wasn’t painful, for he didn’t cry
The reason he died, now I can pick
It’s just – that day I had been eating
Onions and garlic.

P.s. Aisha! I miss yewwwww!!

zaza at 8:29 pm

7 angels shot me


at September 28, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

COOL!!lol very nice n funny know now how they feel after my dose of cream n onion pringles :P

at September 28, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

awwwwwwwwww nice poem and aish i miss u too haah, hows taahus chest??? is it getting better is he taking the honey regularly with garlic oops i mean ginger

at September 28, 2005 Anonymous saeed said...

loL!so cool!like..umm...ogden nash?

at September 28, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...


Subhan'Allah...awesome work of humour girl. hahaha im still laughing trying to imagine the scene, lol

And I miss Aisha too. Honestly I do.

at September 28, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

u should hav a warning sign...

at September 29, 2005 Blogger Mortal said...

ewwwwww stinky breath..hahaha..lol.one of my friends had a bad breath problem no1 reallly told him and it killed all of us hahaha..tthe good old bad breath days..eww how i wouldnt want to think of them lol..

at October 01, 2005 Anonymous sohail said...

hehehe...that was funny... nice one I want more!


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