17 Sep 2005

Devil's Advocate -

Life makes at all no sense,
When living in a false pretence,
And as pain evolves and multiplies,
I’m seeing life through the Devil’s eyes.

Stumbling through a mystic route,
Daring to savour the forbidden fruit,
Many faces of torment I will greet,
As I bow down at the Devil’s feet.

Frozen in time as the world goes round,
Aside unheard screams, there is no sound,
Bleeding, scarred, and I’m feeling grand,
Until I’m slapped across the face by the Devil’s hand.

The dire scent of a corpse, rotting near by,
Such an appalling stench, oh my oh my!
Trying not to think of poetry and prose,
I’m sniffing life through the Devil’s nose.

Life is confused when living a sin,
But my hatred for you comes from within,
Smiling, slowly dying, as I’m lying in bed,
I’m thinking thoughts from the Devil’s head.

zaza at 1:28 pm

7 angels shot me


at September 17, 2005 Blogger Mortal said...

hmmmmmm devils advocate..lol
Great job..
Its a cool poem, ure rhymes r fine..Its cool cause i would have never thought of it..lol
Do keep on writin more..

at September 17, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow!!man u can write i knwo i always like dark poetry n everythign par seriosuly i knwo where that came from!!nicely written ..will want to see more of that!

at September 17, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgott the last verse...

Snoozing off, as i rest my head.
My pillow is cold, my bedsheet is dead.
Out is the moon, hidden is the sun.
I turn my side, and hear a fart from the devils bum.

at September 18, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

i bet i know who wrote the last stanze hahah, anyways zabster acchi hai magar i wont encourage dark poetry , not fond of it though its easier to write it.

at September 18, 2005 Anonymous maVra! said...

hmm its really nicely done..but why are almost all your poems dukhi dukhI/?? try some cheery ones too yar!

but really i like this one...its deeP!

at September 19, 2005 Anonymous sohail said...

Nice 1...reminded me of my own advoctae , if u know what i mean :P

Bring in some more.

at September 19, 2005 Anonymous zab said...

thanks for dropping by, i like lots of comments on my blogposts :) and there will be more coming up soon so dont worry, for worrying gets one no-where.


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