7 Sep 2005

Edible Taha

My baby brother Taha is soooo shweeet! He is teething at the moment. His teeth, esp the molars, are like lickle popcorn. The other day he was eating and mama laughed and said:

"Hahaha, look at Taha! Hes chewing meat with his molars."

Might not sound cute but if u have seen Taha, trust me, it will.

zaza at 5:17 pm

5 angels shot me


at September 07, 2005 Anonymous sohail said...

Wow this is so sweet :P u remind me of my baby brother.My baby brother is cool too, hmm who am I kidding that was years ago…now he is 16 and a menace. Don’t let me touch his ps2. So what if I lend “his console” to few of my gaming pals they did return it…well the joystick are not working and the damn thing don’t play DVD anymore…but so whats the big deal?…I gave him my portable Discman…hmm I think I had to, no choice my sweet bro had my baseball bat and was aiming for my head…. Hey I’ve got an idea wana trade brother? Mine is super genius at studies, got 2A recently in his O’level, is a sucker for football and have a major in “bugging me!” :)

at September 07, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

haha all the time u made fun of ujal;a for eating with her molars its all coming back to haunt u hahah, and taahuu painguu cutuuuuu, ill eat him and when he comes ill never let him go ,never!!! mohahahah

at September 07, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey how coem when the youngest kid reaches his/her 16th year the elders sis n bros r like i dunno wat happened to u u used to be soo cute ..or sth like ure so evil if someone hears u talking they'll think ure a nut case..or sometimes they lend somethign really precious of ures to their friedns n it never returns or when it does ..its not the same anymore...take it form me sohail thats wat i call evil!!

at September 07, 2005 Blogger Zab said...

heh! lol @ u, sohail! but thanks anyway, i thnk il stick to Taha for now. Ushi, haha, Taha got a'tind' today - he luks like an edible buddah now! & TD, lol! but lets face it, we all were much cuter as babies, eh!

at September 09, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

awwwwwww...i want tahaaaa lol..seriously he's mashallah soooo cuteeee n i bet he looks like a cute anda[egg] with the fresh 'tindee' hehehehhee


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