22 Sep 2005

Lali oh Lali...

I get so bored on the train. I mean, 2 hours, what would you do! Yes the views are great but one tends to get fed up easily. So bored that I wrote down the names of the stops where the train stops on the way back home...

YORK - Church Fenton - Micklefield - East Garforth - Garforth - Crossgates - Leeds - New Pudsey - Bradford Interchange - Halfax - Hebden Bridge - MANCHESTER ROAD, BURNLEY.

Hmmm, then I wrote a poem in memory of my dear mortal cousin, who lives in Pakistan but laziness does not allow her to use the Internet. Here it is, though a little lame I know [ !! ]

Lali McDali, the childhood drama queen,
Lali McDali, where on earth have you been?
It's been so long, and we haven't really been in touch,
Yet deep in my heart, I love you ever so much.
Oh Kareena Kapoor's look alike,
Do you remember the famous eggo-mike?
I remember how i made you laugh,
My [sick] jokes somewhat made you barf!
Years have gone, but you still mean the world to me,
I hope sadness never gets to you,
And forever I wish for you to be happy.

Lali, it would be a great honour if you would just kindly post a comment on this post...ThnkYew!

zaza at 9:47 pm

4 angels shot me


at September 23, 2005 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

ohhhh baby thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me .i found out from ush that i had been honoured with a poem so i had to come on line :)love ya loads lali

at September 23, 2005 Anonymous sohail said...

damn its so sweet that im in tears ...yeh im an emotional fool :(... or just nut

i wish some of my cousins felt the same abt me... but they just see my disgusting attitude and think im disgusting as a person 2... :(...

who cares! ops i meant i do...

at September 24, 2005 Anonymous zab said...

hehhh lai i need to write some more poems 4 u! lol!
& behind every 'disgustin' person, there is a...well...a hidden niceness, an silhouette of optimism?

at September 24, 2005 Blogger Mortal said...

hello hello..im back...lol ive posted a comment on everything and now im saying im back..hahaha..talk about being bored.
well thas nice u miss ure cousin..well i only like certain cousins and thr even all ****** so dint really touch my soft spot...sweet though..


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