19 Sep 2005

Peaceful pissin?? no!!!

My advice to anyone who is a regular train traveller, NEVER attempt to use the train toilet no matter how desperate you get! Call me what you want, but I have an awful habit of needing to pay a visit to the all important toilet whilst travelling so I’m an exception haha. Not only did I get the privilege to be tossed about due to the moving train, I was enlightened to see sh*t splattered across the train tracks once I got back to my seat. (& NO, it WASN’T me! Lol!) WHY ALWAYS ME!? First the boogers, and now sh*t. Whatever next! University was OK I guess, din really talk to anyone as such coz it was my first day, and also I had a nafli ‘rozza’ so I was like… totally out of it. Haha! On the train ride home, dad snored while an old man stared. Now that was enough for me to start giggling…and so I did! For 2-minutes I quietly giggled, while the old man probably thought ‘what a nut.’ Dad woke some time later and pointed out to the beautiful scenery outside while I nodded half dead-edly. I was just dying to get home.
So here I am…home sweet home, fully equipped with an edible Taha!
But now I have a vaccination appointment so I’ve gotta rush!
Daimmmmmmmn…Life is HECKTICK!

zaza at 3:27 pm

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at September 19, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous said...

wat do u need vaccination against???i mean uve had everythign ...wat are u 20??waisay choro i wont comment on age at my tender stage..:P ChEaP!!! im telling u zab ure jinxed or sth cant u just wait for the trip to end to answer ure call of nature!!hahahaha yea people i would also advice not to use the loo while movin hahahah u dont wanna see wat happens!!!!

at September 19, 2005 Anonymous mavra said...

LOL..awww...u sure do get into mst i say 'disgusting' things..hehehe
and ive experienced the train toilet once..only word : HORRIBLE!

and zab..ab bari ho gayee ho aap..LEARN to keep it in till u get home ;) haha

and i want tahaaaa...post some new pix of the kid yar! or email 'em!

oh n btw..happy shab-e-barat to thou!

at September 20, 2005 Anonymous saeed said...

first day at Uni?awww...!lol!
i dont like using d lavatories on trains/planes etc.i'd much rather wait until i get home.it has to be MY bathroom...lol!i'm very posessive...MY stall/cubicle...MY table at foodcourt...yes, i wait for mine to b vacant if its occupied...lol!

at September 20, 2005 Blogger Niqabi said...

hahha...aww poor girl. Wow I'm glad you're first day at university wasn't rotten, coz mine would be, at any rate. Not insha'Allah, though.

Alhamdolilah I'm well and okay :) I got your message last night and preferred replying to it on your blog. My letter shall definately reach you coz I've threatened the post office guy :)

I donnt wanna reveal all the details here because you'll read it out in the letter anyway. Luvya loads, keep blogging and stay happy. I love you my child. hhehe


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