12 Jan 2006

closer than ever

im trying to smile
i want to go past
that dreaded mile.
im trying to walk
cutting up my tongue
as i talk.
im trying to live
it would be easier
to go the opposite way.

zainab bhatti

zaza at 11:26 am

7 angels shot me


at January 12, 2006 Anonymous sohail said...

hey deeeep stuff :)

good writing .. i need some tips to polish mine can you help...


at January 12, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

heyyy there know how u feel ...sohail doesnt need polishing anythign ive read his stuff its pretty good keep it up both ov u!!

at January 12, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

man thats heavy stuff...
but wouldnt it be easy to take a cab instead of walking?

at January 12, 2006 Blogger Zab said...

sohail: dude, i owe u one n u know it..so il help anytime!

td: tankoooo!

anon: i dont do cabs, coz theres usually a perv drivin it!

at January 12, 2006 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

It's Pretty hard to jump into Ocean, Specially words' ocean. Lets see...

God bless you....

at January 13, 2006 Blogger Saeed said...

maaaaan!such stuff just goes above my head!

at January 13, 2006 Anonymous zab said...

BC: ive jumped and drowned woo! :)

saeed: why oh why.


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