28 Jan 2006

direct from ushi

ok this is one of those embarassing kid pictures which i am glad i kept so i could embarass zabstar with :) so which one is zab???

so when zabster was little she used to get to play the little black boy :) go figure....... ofcourse i was always the villain and ash and lali had to be the cute girls. now if u observe both of them well i wonder why ahhah .
it was a known fact that a normal persons bermudas could act as zabs shorts :). she was better known as the midget now the fact that she is 5.7 is neither here nor there.

so then there was a time where zab and i used to be partnered together for our annual dancing tournaments against lali and ash, i swear the judges were biased. they preferred comedy to style and class which ofcourse zab and i had. so once against our better judgements we lowered our standards and did a great comedy dance. and well what do u know we won.

i remember making small braids out of zabs hair (the birds nest) thinking that maybe braids would help her sort them out. well bad choice the spiders web i made never opened and i had to rip apart her hair to untangle them. major pain i tell you, not for me but her.

check out zabsters necklace and head band man we thought we were so cool back then. i mean the yellow track suit ashs wearing was one of lalis favs and em supposedly the in thing. ah!! zabstar its been fun having those times

zaza at 2:08 pm

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at January 28, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!! Zainab and Ashee, u looks soooo cute, I instantly recognised my darlin Ashee, but Zab u were more of a challenge, I almost didn't recognise u under that thick dark tan!!! Nice picture Zainab,I really like the erm....necklace!lol,it really suits u!Thanks to Ushi for this piece of art,it put a huge smile on my face..keep up the good work and I hope to see more embarassing pictures soon!!
P.S. What the hell are u all holding a tyre up for???
Ooooooh well 'ard!!!lol

at January 28, 2006 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

(2)Two things 're so Important to reach anywhere we want.

Faithful friends.
Faithful Decisions.

I'm glad you 've such friends in your Life. *smiles*

God bless you......

at January 29, 2006 Blogger Saeed said...

maine bhi pehchaan liya tha zab ko!lol!yay for kiddie pix!

at January 29, 2006 Anonymous zab said...

lol u guys! haha
ahhhhhhh thanx for tht ushi!

tweet memorieees!


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